About Us


NSG wives welfare association

NSG wives' welfare association was set up in 1991 to promote the welfare of NSG families. Ever since its inception, it has endeavoured towards enriching the lives of NSG families. The association was re-christened as NWYA in Feb 2013. It covered another milestone on 18th July 2013 when NWYA became a registered body with its own logo and motto. NWYA has taken initiatives in areas like health, education, environment and rehabilitation of differently-abled children. It also strives to promote art and culture amongst the new generation.

Aim & Objective of Nwya

To work for
  • Women empowerment.
  • Academic / vocational and managerial skills.
  • Rehab of widows and differently-abled wards.
  • Promote preventive health care.
  • Organize sports and culture activities.
  • Fulfilment of social responsibilities.

The Logo of Nwya

The logo expresses the strength, initiatives and nurturing qualities of woman and its close association with the elite Force. The woman, the motto and the colours in the Logo epitomize the ethos of NWYA.

Woman with the Book :

Symbolises endeavour of NWYA to spread and promote education and learning amongst all, especially girls.

Woman with the Utensil :

Symbolizes a home maker who endures balance.

Woman with stretched arms :

symbolizes endeavours to reach new horizons and excel in every field.

Palm :

The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.

Seven coloured Ring :

Seven colours of the Rainbow, seven ‘sur’ of music symbolizing the diversity of NSG.

Sudarshan Chakra :

Symbolizes NSG.

Motto : Prerna, Jagreiti, Vishwas


Signifies the importance of a woman as a motivator.


To encourage people to rise above self.


Signifies belief in self and in the organization.