Video Gallery

  • The Eliminators
    Rare footage of the marine commando unit of Black Cats – the National Security Guards (NSG). In this sequel RSTV 's exclusive coverage gets you the Black Cats in action with “corner shot gun” & scenes recorded at the Sea Link in Mumbai. You can also watch the warriors of NSG’s secretive Special Action Group No. 52 - the anti-hijacking unit.
  • National Security Guard
    The National Security Guards,NSG, (BLACK CATS as they have become to be known as) is India's premier Counter Terror force.The unit is charged with undertaking offensive action againsnt any internal terrorist threat in India. The NSG has distinguished itself in numerous counter-terror operations, most notably "Operation Black Tornado" in 2008 when the NSG were pressed into service to combat the 10 LeT terrorists who had attacked the Indian city of Mumbai after launching from Pakistan.